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Football Dialogue Radio Show 4 3/30/2010 - buddylove75 on Blog Talk Radio

Click here to listen to Buddy and I talk with University of Miami's Jason Fox, UConn's Dan Ryan and James Madison's Dorian Brooks.

Football Dialogue Radio Show 4 3/30/2010 - buddylove75 on Blog Talk Radio

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Football Dialogue Radio Show #4

Make sure to check us out the next installment of the show tomorrow, March 30th at 7:30 to 9 PM.  Buddy and I will have the chance to catch up Jason Fox OT from the University of Miami, Dan Ryan OT from the University of Connecticut and Dorian Brooks OG from James Madison University.   We’ll discuss their college careers and how they are preparing during the final days before next month’s draft.

Also feel free to call the show at 347-826-9838 or email us any questions at FD Radio Show 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Q&A: Marshall Newhouse OL TCU

What is your official height, weight and max bench?
At the combine I was 6-3 7/8 and 319 pounds.  My bench was 25 reps.

What do you consider to be your biggest strength?
My speed, power and my intelligence.

What part of your game have you worked on improving?
Getting to the second level of my blocks and taking on linebackers.

If a scout asked what tape would you give him to see you at your best?
Two games stick out the game in 2008 against Oklahoma and this past year against Wyoming.

What your thoughts on transitioning from tackle to guard?
I am good with it and am actually working at playing all five positions on the line.

Which coach has had the biggest impact on your playing career up to this point?
My offensive line coach, Eddie Williamson, he has been a great coach and a terrific mentor.

Who was your favorite player or team growing up?
As a kid I was a big Dallas Cowboys fan (my dad’s cousin Robert played for them in the 70's and 80's) but as I got older I start watching players like Walter Jones and Damien Woody.

What do you like to do with your free time, do you have a hobby?
Right now I’m just catching up on some school work in order to graduate.

Who are the two most influential people in your life?
My parents.  I’ve been blessed to have two of the most supportive parents any person could hope for.

How was the combine experience?
I liked it a lot.  It something that I never experienced before and won’t ever again.  Something I’m certain I will never forget.

What teams did you speak with at the combine?
A lot of teams.  I spoke with Oakland, Kansas City, New Orleans, Denver, Atlanta, and both New York teams just to name a few.

The college game day tradition I will most is?
The Frog Horn and the friendships I formed during my time at TCU.  College is about playing a game you loved while professional football is a job. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Q&A: Marcus Easley WR Connecticut

What are your official height, weight & recent forty time?
6’3 210  4.39 un-official/official 4.46

What do you consider to be your biggest strength?
My size and speed.  I think I possess a special combo that not many other receivers possess.

What part of your game have you worked on improving?
Tightening up my route running.  Cutting out of my breaks without losing any speed.

Who is the toughest opponent/teammate you have faced, how did you fare?
As far as teammates, I would say the late Jasper Howard and Robert McClain.   Toughest opponent was Devin McCourty from Rutgers.

Which coach has had the biggest impact on your playing career up to this point?
Two men come to mind, first and foremost Head Coach Randy Edsall.  He has helped me mature and taught me how to become a man.  The other would be wide receiver coach, Matt Cersosimo, who has helped me learn the game and everything that goes into it.

Any players that you would compare yourself to or a favorite player growing up?
I was a running back in high school so I really looked up to Walter Payton.  His running style and everything he stood for as a player and a man.  Once I became a wide receiver, I of course started to try to emulate the style and play of Jerry Rice.  Current players I love to watch would be Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson.

What do you like to do with your free time, do you have a hobby?
I’m a simple guy. I enjoy spending time with friends, going bowling and watching sports.

Who are the two most influential people in your life?
My mother for showing me what incredible work ethic looks like and my grandfather who taught me what it takes to be a man.

What teams did you speak with at the combine?
Lots of teams, but I had sit-down meetings with the Bears and the Panthers.

Are you performing at your school’s pro day?
Yes, I am doing position drills and the vertical jump.

Did you ever have a job in high school?
I did have summer jobs, mainly working at sports camps.  I did have one job with my grandfather painting houses in the summer.  That wasn’t enjoyable. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chicago Bears Draft News

Here are two articles written about the Chicago Bears with some insight into the possibilities that they have int he upcoming 2010 NFL Draft as well as a look into the players that they currently have at the offensive guard position.

NFL Draft 2010: Two More Chicago Bears Prospects

Up Close: The Guards

Q&A: Nate Collins DT Virginia

Recently, I had the chance to talk with University of Virginia defensive tackle, Nate Collins, probably the most underrated prospect in this April's NFL Draft.  

What are your official height, weight & recent forty time?
6-2  291. Forty is 4.85.

What do you consider to be your biggest strength?
My one gap penetration and my motor.

What part of your game have you worked on improving?
Working on my core strength, actually just improving my overall strength.

If a scout asked what tape would you give him to see you at your best.
The Georgia Tech game this past season.

Who is the toughest opponent/teammate you have faced, how did you fare?
Branden Albert

Which coach has had the biggest impact on your playing career up to this point?
No question.  It was Al Groh.

Any players that you would compare yourself to or a favorite player growing up?
My favorite player growing up was Reggie White.

What do you like to do with your free time, do you have a hobby?
Hanging with my friends, playing video games and taking care of my pet turtle.

Who are the two most influential people in your life?
My mother who taught me just about everything and Louie LaRizza, a family friend.

If you could invite any three guests for dinner past or present who would they be?
Jackie Robinson, LeBron James and Alexander Ovechkin.

Did you ever have a job in high school?
Yes I didI handed out flyers in high school for a new fitness place

What was the strangest question you were asked?
What would I prefer – a Big Mac or a Whopper?

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Football Dialogue Radio Show

The next installment of the Football Dialogue Radio Show is scheduled for this Wednesday, March 24th at 7:30 to 9 PM.  Listen to Buddy and I talk NFL Draft, free agent player movement and make sure to check out our interviews with Kentucky standouts John Conner and Corey Peters.   Make sure to stop by and listen at Football Dialogue Radio Show or give us a call at 347-826-9838.

Make sure to check us out.

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Quinn doing it right.

Broncos' Quinn gets to work at Dove Valley - The Denver Post

Brady Quinn has ensconced himself at the Denver Broncos facility. The report states that since the trade, Quinn has been doing nothing but working out and watching film. In his mind, the starting job is a possibility. Kyle Orton isn't scaring anyone. Of course, neither does Brady Quinn.

Are you kidding me with that trade ?

Some of you may know that I am a Seahawks fan. There are some fans where everything the team does is great, and ones where every move is a mistake. I tend to be more critical but with a new coach and GM, I'll cut them some slack. The Charlie Whithurst deal, I need to vent. First, I was/am a Charlie Fan. I thought he had good stuff coming out of the draft 4 years ago . Inconsistent, a few flaws, but someone who I thought would have a shot in the NFL. My problem is not that we got him, but what we had to give up. I really don't care about draft picks. They are good for the team, but fans treat them as gold. The reality is look at your favorite team and what good players did they actually draft?

The Saints for example won the Super Bowl with Drew Brees, Darren Sharper, Vilma, Mike Bell and a few others who were not drafted by the Saints.   Now they do have some draft picks on the team, but my point is for every 6 or so picks that a team has, how many really pan out? If you get 50% right, that is great. You need free agents and trades in addition to draft picks to really make up the team. On to the deal. Whitehurst for a swapping of second rounds picks and a third by Seattle in 2011. My problem is the swapping of seconds. Seattle was picking 40th overall. That usually means first round talent that slid into the top 1/3 of the second round for whatever reason.

For a team rebuilding, I believe that pick is more valuable than the 14th pick in the first round since they are already picking 6. The 40th pick could get a great talent without paying the first round money. Now, they are picking 60th, which could end up as a good pick, but the chances are increasing that the talent may not be there. Who were they bidding against? I would have gave the Chargers a 4th rounder this year and a swap third round picks next year. This is Charlie Whithurst, no passes thrown! Charlie better be good they will need him this year as poor Matt Hasselback will never make it thanks to the former GM who never replaced a line that lost two pro bowl starters.

Oh by the way, the hawks signed Quintan Gaither. This regime may be over their head!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lane Kiffen, world's sexiest woman?

Sexiest Athletes Women - Sexiest Woman Alive Madness Sports Region - Esquire

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, someone at Esquire Magazine must be from Tennessee. They are doing a bracket competition to find the sexiest woman in the world. This year, they included former Raiders and Vols coach, Lane Kiffen. Not Lane's unagruably attractively spouse, but the man himself.

Yummy Schadenfreude. Go vote!

Russell Resurgent?

NFL notes: Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell shows up in improved condition - Inside Bay Area

According to Steve Corkran, Jamarcus Russell showed up to offseason conditioning in much better shape. Well see what happens. I am split in my thinking.

Is it possible that a lightbulb went off for the 'Chosen One'? Did he just havea rough time after the loss of his uncle?

I'm a Raiders fan, so I would love nothing better than for Jamarcus to show up looking like Vernon Gholston at the combine. After running a 4.4 forty, he'll start speaking in playbook. But, as a Raiders fan, I am used to disappointment. I will believe it when I see it. It's the same every year, a wave of hope followed by a soul-crushing season.

Derek Anderson has agreed to terms with the Arizona Cardinals as per the Schefter of ESPN. Whitehurst heading to SEA in sign-and-trade.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Discussion: Golden Domers

I was asked in discussion yesterday who was the last good QB to come
out from Notre Dame? It took me a while to answer. Ultimately, I had
to go with Steve Beuerlein back in 86. How does this bode for Jimmy

So, tell me your opinion. Who was the last ND QB to be a good pro?
For that matter, give me some good ND pros at any position.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Q&A: Jeff Owens DT Georgia

Recently, I had the chance to catch up with University of Georgia defensive tackle, Jeff Owens, a man who currently caught the attention of many scouts, media and fans with his incredible 44 reps at the combine.

What are your official height, weight & recent forty time?
6-1  304  4.94

What do you consider to be your biggest strength?
Strong at the point of attack.  I have great leverage.

What part of your game have you worked on improving?
Playing low and working with my hands.

If a scout asked what tape would you give him to see you at your best.
The LSU game this past season.

Who is the toughest opponent/teammate you have faced, how did you fare?
Mitch Petrus from the University of Arkansas.  Great strength.

Which coach has had the biggest impact on your playing career up to this point?
My position coach, Rodney Garner, he’s been a great influence on my football career.

Any players that you would compare yourself to or a favorite player growing up?
My favorite player growing up was Warren Sapp.  As for player I like to watch now I’d say the top two are Tommie Harris and Darnell Dockett.

What do you like to do with your free time, do you have a hobby?
Love to play video games and hang with my friends.

Who are the two most influential people in your life?
No question my parents.

If you could invite any three guests for dinner past or present who would they be?
Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and President Barack Obama

What teams did you speak with at the combine?
Spoke with a lot of teams including the Dolphins, Jags, Eagles, Rams, San Diego, Arizona, Buffalo and Pittsburgh.

Are you performing at your school’s pro day?
Yes I am.  It’s March 16

Did you ever have a job in high school?

What was the strangest question you were asked at the combine?
(Laugh) If I had a choice would I want a blanket or a pillow.   I told them a blanket because if it was cold I could wrap myself with it and it were hot I could use it as a pillow.  

Jay_Glazer: I'm reporting brady quinn was just traded to denver for peyton hillis and 2 conditional draft picks

Buddy's 3/14/10 1 Round Mock Draft

1. St Louis Rams- Sam Bradford (QB) Oklahoma
I've been going back and forth but Bradford would have been the top pick in 2009 had he come out. The rams need a quarterback badly.

2. Detroit Lions- Ndamukong Suh (DT) Nebraska
The man who nearly put Texas out of the championship game with his dominance helps Martin Mayhew in his plan to make the Lions relevant again.

3. Tampa Bay Bucs- Gerald McCoy (DT) Oklahoma
The Warren Sapp like 3 technique d-lineman goes to Tampa, its like dejavu all over again.

4. Washington Redskins- Bryan Bulaga (OT) Iowa
Athletic tackle to play in the Shanahan running system.

5. Kansas City Chiefs- Russell Okung (OT) Oklahoma State
Scott Pioli brings the "win the game in the trenches" mentality from New England with the selection of Okung.

6. Seattle Seahawks- Trent Williams (OT) Oklahoma
The run on tackles continues, here is the replacement for Walter Jones.

7. Cleveland Browns- Eric Berry (S) Tennessee
Another flashback for a team with a player. Here is the Eric Turner like player in Cleveland.

8. Oakland Raiders- Anthony Davis (OT) Rutgers.
The player to protect the blindside of (insert qb of the week here). Davis could become what Gallery never did.

9. Buffalo Bills-Jimmy Claussen (QB) Notre Dame
Chan Gailey gets his signal caller to build around. The experience of a pro-style offense is a big advancement for Claussen.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars- Mike Iupati (OL) Idaho
The best interior line prospect to help open holes for MJD.

11. Denver Broncos- Rolando McLain (LB) Alabama
Is there a more perfect marriage between a prospect and team than this???

12. Miami Dolphins- Dez Bryant (WR) Oklahoma State
Chad Henne gets an elite wide receiver to grow with.

13. San Francisco 49ers- Taylor Mays (S) USC
Just a physical freak for Singletary to scheme with.

14. Seattle Seahawks- C.J Spiller (RB) Clemson
The seahawks finally replace Shawn Alexander with a guy who can help in the return game too.

15. New York Giants- Jared Odrick (DT) Penn State
Odrick is a big man who can apply pressure up the middle and collapse a pocket.

16. Tennessee Titans- Derrick Morgan (DE) Georgia Tech
The position needed an upgrade then became priority with VandenBosch leaving.

17. San Francisco 49ers- Jason Pierre Paul (DE) South Florida
Pierre Paul is a fit in either a 4-3 or 3-4 defense. Just a physical freak still learning the game.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers- Joe Haden (CB) Florida
Haden takes the Michael Jenkins like slide because of his combine 40 time. They should be known as the Pittsburgh Stealers after drafting Haden at this spot.

19. Atlanta Falcons- Carlos Dunlap (DE) Florida
The Falcons seriousily need a pass rush, Dunlap fills the bill with some help from Mike Smith and the coaching staff. The ultimate hit or miss.

20. Houston Texans- Earl Thomas (S)
The Longhorn stays home and provides a solid playmaker in a secondary looking to make the next step to the playoffs.

21. Cincinnati Bengals- Vladamir Ducasse (OL)
A four position lineman who stepped up against the big boys in post season games.

22. New England Patriots- Brandon Graham (OLB) Michigan
Graham doesn't fit the measurables of the Belichick outside backer but makes up for it in effort and production.

23. Green Bay Packers- Sergio Kindle (OLB) Texas
A true athletic freak with some character concerns that help him slide.

24. Philadelphia Eagles- Sean Weatherspoon (LB) Missouri
Weatherspoon helps eliminate the revolving door of linebackers on this roster.

25. Baltimore Ravens- Patrick Robinson (CB) Florida State
Robinson improves a cornerback position that survives off of Ed Reed's presence and a great pass rush.

26. Arizona Cardinals- Brandon Spikes (LB) Florida
The playmaker at backer to replace Karlos Dansby.

27. Dallas Cowboys- Golden Tate (WR) Notre Dame
Roy Williams has been a complete disappointment in Dallas, Tate and Austin could be dangerous together.

28. San Diego Chargers- Ryan Matthews (RB) Fresno State
The nations best rusher from 2009 fills a major hole in Diego.

29. New York Jets- Arrelious Benn (WR) Illinois
Benn is a great compliment to Edwards and Keller.

30. Minnesota Vikings- Kyle Wilson (CB) Boise State
The Vikings add another corner to keep up with elite teams in the nfc which all run multiple receiver formations.

31. Indianapolis Colts- Dan Williams (DT) Tennessee
Big body in the middle to help the run defense.

32. New Orleans Saints- Sean Lee (LB) Penn State
Can play any of the backer positions and could replace Fujita right away.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

2010 NFL Mock Draft

The Scouting Combine has come and gone and we got to get a close up look at some of the best players that college football has to offer. We are now getting into Pro Days and free agency and we are seeing NFL teams start to fill their needs and make other needs much more obvious. So now trying to predict which teams will select which player becomes much easier.

Here is a look at the post combine mock draft for the middle of March:

1. St. Louis Rams-Jimmy Clausen-QB-Notre Dame-(JR)-Sure, Ndamukong Suh would be hard to pass up but the Rams need a quarterback over anything else.

2. Detroit Lions-Ndamukong Suh-DT-Nebraska-Head coach Jim Schwartz won’t be able to pass up this kind of talent.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Gerald McCoy-DT-Alabama-The Bucs need the help at the defensive tackle position and if they miss out on Suh Cody is the next best option.

4. Washington Redskins-Sam Bradford-QB-Oklahoma-(JR) Sure Bradford missed most of the 2009 season but the Redskins will be in the market for a quarterback and Bradford would be their guy.

5. Kansas City Chiefs-Russell Okung-OT-Oklahoma State-The Chiefs could quite possibly go for Eric Berry but if Okung is still here and he should be then they should go for him and beef up their offensive line.

6. Seattle Seahawks-Colt McCoy-QB-Texas-Yes, even though many people think that he isn’t worth a first round pick, McCoy is the real deal and could end up being the best quarterback taken in this draft.

7. Cleveland Browns-Dez Bryant-WR-Oklahoma State-(JR) Cleveland needs a lot of help in several places but getting a great wide receiver would really go a long ways.

8. Oakland Raiders-Anthony Davis-OT-Rutgers-(JR)-It’s hard to predict was owner Al Davis will do but he needs a guy that can help block and help pass protect so Davis would be a good guy for them to take.

9. Buffalo Bills-Bruce Campbell-OT-Maryland-The Bills need to add some help at the offensive tackle position and Campbell could be key piece to their offensive line for several seasons to come.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars-Joe Haden-CB-Florida-(JR)-While problems on the defensive line may dictate that they take a defensive linemen but getting some help defending against the pass in the secondary would be great as well.

11. Denver Broncos (from Chicago)-Rolando McClain-ILB-Alabama-(JR)-The Broncos definitely need some help at the linebacker and McClain is the best in the draft. It’s an ideal fit.

12. Miami Dolphins-Derrick Morgan-DE-Georgia Tech-Joey Porter’s replacement is right next door in Georgia as Morgan could come in and be the pass rusher that they will lose with Porter leaving town.

13. San Francisco 49ers-Jason Pierre-Paul-DE-South Florida-(JR)-The 49ers will covet someone who can rush the passer and Paul could fill the bill.

14. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)-Bryan Bulaga-OT-Iowa-(JR)-Bulaga would be a huge asset to the Seahawks and their pass protection and rushing needs.

15. New York Giants-Brian Price-DT-UCLA-(JR)-The Giants had issues on their defensive line and need an upgrade there.

16. Tennessee Titans-Dan Williams-DT-Tennessee-The Titans haven’t been the same without Albert Haynesworth so getting a good defensive tackle would help them out a lot.

17. San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina)-Trent Williams-OT-Oklahoma-The 49ers will need to shore up their offensive line a little bit and Williams would be an ideal fit for them.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers-Terrence Cody-NT-Alabama-With a guy as big as Cody is the Steelers defensive line will be set and could end up being one of the best in the NFL in 2010 and beyond.

19. Atlanta Falcons-C.J. Spiller-RB-Clemson-The Falcons may want to start thinking about the future of their running game, especially after the injury problems that Michael Turner suffered last season and Spiller, if he is still there, would be ideal.

20. Houston Texans-Earl Thomas-FS-Texas-(Soph)-The Texan’s defense needs to get a good safety to help make it work and Thomas would be a good fit for them.

21. Cincinnati Bengals-Eric Berry-S-Tennessee-(JR)-The Bengals could try for a wide receiver here but for the value, and if he is available, they should take Berry and help improve their defense.

22. New England Patriots-Jerry Hughes-OLB-TCU-The Patriots will want to add some pass rushing help to their defense and Hughes would be the right guy for them.

23. Green Bay Packers-Charles Brown-OT-USC-The Packers need some help on the offensive line and taking Brown would help them improve their pass protection which is what they desperately need.

24. Philadelphia Eagles-Taylor Mays-S-USC-Mays could be the next Brian Dawkins as they really need someone in the secondary to step up and make plays. Mays could be the guy that does that for them.

25. Baltimore Ravens-Jermaine Gresham-TE-Oklahoma-After giving quarterback Joe Flacco Anquan Boldin, the Ravens should look at getting a solid pass catching tight end to give Flacco someone else to throw to.

26. Arizona Cardinals-Mike Iupati-OG-Idaho-The Cardinals may look at few different positions with their first round pick but solidifying their offensive line should be a priority and they could get Iupati who is the best guard in this year’s draft.

27. Dallas Cowboys-Bruce Campbell-OT-Maryland-(JR)-Dallas could use the help on the offensive line and can get it with Campbell who may not be here when they pick but if he is he could be a fine addition for them.

28. San Diego Chargers-Everson Griffen-DE-USC-(JR)-Perhaps a good running back would be a good idea here but the Chargers also need to get some help with their pass rush and Griffen could be the kind of guy that they are looking for.

29. New York Jets-Sergio Kindle-DE/OLB-Texas-The Jets need someone to help rush the passer and Kindle, one of the better pass rushers in the 2010 NFL Draft, could really help them out.

30. Minnesota Vikings-Patrick Robinson-CB-Florida State-Minnesota’s issues in the secondary are well known so if they think that Robinson would be worth the pick they should take him and have him help them improve their secondary.

31. Indianapolis Colts-Brandon Graham-OLB/DE-Michigan-As we saw last season, the Colts pass rush was nonexistent when Dwight Freeney was injured so having someone come in and be the pass rush specialist on the other side would be a great idea for the Colts.

32. New Orleans Saints-Sean Weatherspoon-LB-Missouri-The loss of Scott Fujita will force the Saints to look for an outside linebacker and Weatherspoon is the kind of guy that most any team would like to have.

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Football Dialogue Radio Show

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ESPN NFL Draft - Palm Beach Post: Wonderlic results (high score is 50) - Bradford 36, McCoy 25, Clausen 23, Tebow 22

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pat Simonds Pro Day Numbers...4.53/4.56..broad 10"2, Bench 24 and 3 cone 6.7..all improvements. It was a good showing from all reports.
HOT OF THE PRESS.... Corey Peters Pro Day results... 4.85 - 4.89 40yd dash. 7.3 l cone, 4.5 shuttle, 8.7 broad, 26 bench!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Safety Position

There is always alot of talk regarding draft prospects and what safety role they'll fill. Free safties are known as the centerfielder, ball hawkers who make plays in the passing game down field. Looking at last years draft and production over the 2009 season, Jairus Byrd appears to be the new model. Pat Tillman, Rodney Harrison and Roy Williams are players you should think of as a strong safety. The tough, in the box, covering a tight end, tackling machines. In my eyes only Eric Berry fills the role of complete safety at the next level. He does all the above at such a high level and that is why he'll be a top pick. These players are in no particular order.

Free Safties-some listed are slower corners who'd project to free safety in the pros.

Earl Thomas (Texas)
Nate Allen (South Florida)
Chad Jones (LSU)
Darrell Stuckey (Kansas)
Kendrick Lewis (Mississippi)
Jerome Murphy (South florida)
Amari Spievey (Iowa)
Kevin Thomas (USC)
Chris Cook (Virginia)
Syd'Quan Thompson (Cal)
Donovan Warren (Michigan)
Sherrick McManis (Northwestern)
Brian Jackson (Oklahoma)
Major Wright (Florida)
Myron Rolle (FSU)
Kurt Coleman (Ohio St)
Dominique Franks (Oklahoma

Strong Safties

Taylor Mays (USC)
T.J Ward (Oregon)
Larry Asante (Nebraska)
Morgan Burnett (Georgia Tech)
Rashad Jones (Georgia)
Barry Church (Toledo)
Kam Chancellor (VaTech)
Darian Stewart (S.Carolina)
Kyle McCarthy (Notre Dame)
Jonathan Amaya (Nevada)
Nick Polk (Indiana)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Q&A: John Conner FB Kentucky

Recently, I had the chance to talk with Kentucky fullback, John Conner, about the draft, the combine and what it's like to share a name with a movie character.  

What is your official height, weight and recent forty time?
I am 5-11 ½   246 lbs. and at the combine I ran a 4.72.

What do you consider to be your biggest strength?
My physical play.  I love the contact

What part of your game have you worked on improving?
Everything.  There is nothing wrong with touching up all aspects of my game.

If a scout asked what tape would you give him to see you at your best?
I’d say the Louisville game from this season.  It was my first game after returning from injury.

Who is the toughest opponent/teammate you have faced, how did you fare?
As for a teammate, I’d say Sam Maxwell but as for an opponent I’d go with the whole group from the University of Florida.  

Which coach has had the biggest impact on your playing career up to this point?
 My high school coach helped me a lot but as far as my time in college I’d say no doubt my position coach, Larry Brinson.

Any players that you would compare yourself to or a favorite player growing up?
My favorite player growing up was Deion Sanders and my favorite team was the Dallas Cowboys.

What do you like to do with your free time, do you have a hobby?
When the weather gets nice I really enjoy going fishing.

Who are the two most influential people in your life?
No doubt my parents.

What teams did you speak with at the combine?
 Just about everyone. I did however have formal interviews with Buffalo, St. Louis and Arizona.

Are you performing at your school’s pro day?
Yes, I’m not going to do everything.  I will do my position skills and probably the shuttle.

Did you ever have a job in high school?
Only one job I worked at Kings Island but most of the time I was playing sports.

What was the strangest question asked to you during the combine?
 (Laugh) Someone asked me “when was the last time I smoked weed.”   

Are you a big fan of Terminator?
(Laugh) Yeah I am, I get that a lot (being the future leader of the free world in The Terminator is John Connor) but it’s a pretty great movie.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


from our friends at NFL Draft Bible


California's Javid Best... could be considered in the early second round if teams have no concerns about his late-season concussion... many feel that he will, at least initially, work best if teamed with a north-south runner, the way the Giants have with Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw.

Clemson's C.J. Spiller... someone could jump on Spiller in the same manner that the Tennessee Titans did with Chris Johnson in the first-round... his big-play potential and versatility would make him a solid addition to teams like Atlanta, Seattle or San Diego.

Read More


Clemson's Jacoby Ford... officially ran the fastest 40-time at the NFL Combine; 4.28... he's still seen as a smallish prospect that would be more of a slot receiver and return man... there is certainly a chance that someone will jump on the pure straight-line speed that Ford exhibited earlier than expected but most scouts insisted that he's still more of a late 2nd-3rd round pick.

Louisville's Scott Long... had the fastest 3-cone drill time at the NFL Combine; 6.45... hit 41.5" on the vertical and ran mid-to-high 4.4 range, which when combined altogether has teams going back to research why his production was so inconsistent during his senior year... Long was not one to point a finger, but the Cardinals offense struggled because of the QB play this past season and now Long's upside and natural skill set may allow him to be taken as high as the 3rd-4th round.

Read More


Cincinnati's Tony Pike... likely did not help or hurt himself with his on-field workout, but left a number of the same questions unanswered for scouts that they arrived with on him... shows a good, quick release, but he exhibited just average arm strength on his deeper throws... however, the biggest surprise was his accuracy throughout his on-field workout was disappointing... he also has a very slight frame needs 15-20 pounds bulk/muscle... and most scouts said he would be a 2-3 year project in their minds who is more of a 3rd round choice.


*What scouts were saying about McCoy and Suh after meeting with them this past weekend:
Oklahoma's Gerald McCoy... smiles, speaks well, very charismatic, humble about himself and game, good background... may be a little talkative at times for certain coaches or position coaches... not arrogant, but very confident in his ability... had a few issues with doing one of the on-field drills... scouts said it will be interesting to see if he will look to improve upon his combine results at Oklahoma's Pro Day or sit on what he recorded since he's pretty much already assured of being a Top 3-to-5 pick.

Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh... a little more reserved off-the-field, quiet, attentive, good passion for game, comes across as dedicated, hard worker and coachable... wants to be successful but not a "A" type personality... he will work hard even when he achieves success... will not mind doing all the dirty work as an interior defender to help create plays for others... was very well trained when it came to performing his drills.

Read the rest at NFL Draft Bible

Q&A: Craig Carey OLB Cincinnati

What is your official height, weight & recent forty time?
6-3 7/8, 241 pounds and I ran a 4.72 on my junior day last year.

What do you consider to be your biggest strength?

My hands (I have really good hands) and my ball skills.  I always joked with the wide receivers that I had the best hand on the team.

What part of your game have you worked on improving?

My 40-yard dash starts, L-Cone, shuttle, route running, lifting and ball drills.

If a scout asked what tape would you give him to see you at your best.

Fresno State this past season.  I had the most tackles on the team and on a fourth and one at the five-yard line I intercepted the ball. 

Who is the toughest opponent/teammate you have faced, how did you fare?

The whole Florida Gators team.  That team speed was just amazing.

Which coach has had the biggest impact on your playing career up to this point?

Coach Kerry Coombs, he was our secondary coach and really got the team pumped up.   I knew him back in high school and always was impressed with his passion and love for the game. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Combine Confidential: DL/LB Observations

From Our Friends at NFL DRAFT BIBLE

The largest single group, by position, were defensive linemen as a total of 66 were invited to this year's NFL Combine... Jay Hayes ran the on-field drills portion of the defensive line... he is the DL coach for the Cincinnati Bengals.

-- South Florida junior defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul impressed a number of his fellow defensive linemen as the pass rushing sensation did an unbelievable 13 consecutive back-flips following the end of their on-field workouts on Monday... remember this is a 265-pound defensive lineman... he was raw during parts of the on-field drills but he is such an exciting pass rusher that some of his technique and limited experience issues will get over-shadowed by his raw athleticism and potential... others that impressed included Ohio State junior defensive end/outside linebacker Thaddeus Gibson had a very solid all-around performance... he ran 4.7 range in the 40-yard dash... during the linebacker drills he was better in coverage than expected... so he might be Top-3 rated DE/OLB guy... TCU defensive end/outside linebacker Jerry Hughes showed better straight-line speed than expected, but a little stiff in some of linebacker drills... he looks the part of a hybrid and could likely play either RDE in 4-3 as a situational pass rusher or OLB in a 3-4 set.

-- Watching Oklahoma junior defensive tackle Gerald McCoy... he seemed a little nervous or anxious in certain portions of the workout... he scratched on his initial 3-cone drill and was very sloppy with his technique in that drill... he also stated that he interviewed with a wide variety of teams including Detroit, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Miami, Buffalo, Cleveland, Philadelphia and San Francisco... he's a little raw at times, but his penetrating, up-field style can jump out at you on game film... a few scouts said they are most excited by him as a 3-technique in a 4-3 more than when he bumps out to 5-technique in a 3-4... he drew some comparisons to Warren Sapp in terms of his personality.

-- Meanwhile, Nebraska senior defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh looked very fresh, confident and prepared and had his feet underneath him better during the on-field drills... he was solid across the board... love the explosiveness that comes out of his initial moves, but also showed a little better quickness and flash in terms of his pass rush and counter moves... what you get from Suh is the factor that he will also eat up space and create 1-on-1 match-ups for other defensive players in the front seven he plays on... so while McCoy might be seen as a better up-field presence you can create increased pressure by having Suh and his DT partner taking up three blockers at a time thus allowing for 1-on-1 situations for the DE's or allowing a linebacker to make the play behind the line of scrimmage.

-- The second tier of defensive tackles seemed to start taking shape as past Suh and McCoy there is a very solid core group of prospects that includes Penn State's Jared Odrick, UCLA's Brian Price, Tennessee's Dan Williams... of that group... Odrick is versatile, can play DT in 4-3 or DE in 3-4... Price has a quick first step, but did not run as well as expected and looked a little too heavy, which he likely did to impress or show scouts he could carry the added weight... Williams to me was the best of this group and there will also be a higher grade of prospects available in rounds four through seven than in the past few years... LSU's Al Woods, Arizona's Earl Mitchell, North Carolina's Cam Thomas, Georgia's Jeff Owens, Kentucky's Corey Peters and East Carolina's Linval Joseph are all guys that if they are taken in those mid-to-late rounds have the ability to become valuable interior linemen if properly rotated as rookies.

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Q&A: Osayi Osunde – LB - Villanova University

What is your official height, weight and your most recent forty time?
I am 6‘ 1“ 238, and my most recent forty time is 4.67.

When did you start playing football?
I started playing as soon as I could walk, probably around the age of five and have not stopped since.

What do you consider to be your biggest strength?
My biggest strength over the last four years is playing the run and getting off blocks to make the play.

What part of your game have you worked on improving?
Lately, I have been working on changing direction. Using the T step technique has really improved my ability to change direction quicker.

Where have you been training? How often do you workout to stay in shape?
I have been working out at school with the Villanova’s strength and conditioning coach Justus Galac. We have been working out five days a week doing all sorts of different drills, conditioning and of course weight training.

Who is the toughest opponent/teammate you have faced? How did you fare?
The toughest opponent I have faced has to be Tim Hightower. That game was my best game of that season and I met him quite a few times in the hole.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

I have shame.

I like Tim Tebow. I think he is great. Before this weekend, I admit to being a hater. No more. The problem is: I also feel bad for him.

That's right Boo Hoo for Tebow. He is a player, a leader and an athlete. Teams with an extra 2nd round pick would be fools not to draft him. But he's not ready, not yet.

I think Urban Meyer did Tim Tebow a great disservice by not working on his delivery. Now for Tebow to have any chance at being a respectable QB in the pros is the sit for two years, and move in with an exercise kinesiologist to work on his mechanics.

I watched the combine this weekend. No one else went thorough a drill, then found the laptop guy to see what he can improve. The other QB's even thought this kid was aces.

My thought is New England or New Orleans or some other team with a solid QB can take him and spend the time. Or heck, send him to Miami and create the perfect storm wildcat.

Now, I am off to watch my true football love, the D Line.

Jared Veldheer

I have a man crush on a draft prospect. It happens every year but this year it's an offensive tackle. His name is Jared Veldheer and he played at division II Hillsdale in Michigan. The 6'8", 312 pounder came to the combine as an unknown by some but left with incredible athletic times and measurables. Veldheer is known by coaches and teammates as a hard working leader who loves the game, never allowing a sack in his career. Keep an eye on my new man crush, the comparison I give him: Sebastian Vollmer of the New England Patriots.

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