Sunday, January 30, 2011

Q&A: Ben Cleveland, TE, Arkansas | Draft Bible Q & A

Recently, I had the chance to talk with Q&A: Ben Cleveland, TE, Arkansas | Draft Bible Q & A . Great guy and is a sleeper prospect who might be just land on the practice squad of your favorite team and become a contributor down the road.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fisher out as Tennessee Titans coach after 16 seasons

It seems there is always one firing that shocks you, Jeff Fisher out as Tennessee Titans coach after 16 seasons - ESPN , and now we have it. One time it's Gruden, another time it's Shanahan or Jim Mora Jr. but this time I'm a little more shocked as it appeared Adams decided to stick with Fisher and get rid of Vince Young. Instead he decided you're both out and let's start brand new. My guess is Gregg Williams will be the man in charge once the dust settles, as he has HC experience, a past relationship with Adams and has a ring. Tough to beat especially when Adams wants a guy he can trust.

Jay Cutler, Jeff George is their a difference?

Finally someone, check out Bob Frantz's piece, sets the record straight as people are all now rushing to apologize to Cutler for initially questioning his desire and attitude when it comes to playing in the NFL. What people fails to realize that Jay Cutler is the latest verison of Jeff George...a ton of talent from the neck down.  If I were a member of the Bears I'd have a hard time thinking of Cutler as the guy who has the makeup to lead our team to the top.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Buyer Be Ware!

Is anyone really surprised to see this story, Cecil Newton may be a problem for Cam Newton in the NFL, too | ProFootballTalk, I'm certainly not and think any team investing a 1st round pick in him needs to do their homework or this pick could come back and haunt them in so many ways. It's this reason among others that I think it would be a colossal gamble for the Washington Redskins to invest a number one pick on a QB most draw comparison to Donovan McNabb.   Seriously didn't we see that type of QB does not fit the Shanny system?   Add that on top of a father way to involved in getting the most out of his son's talents I'd say the Redskins would be CRAZY to take Newton.   

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UConn donor demands return of $3 million donation

Showing wealth can't buy you class an UConn donor demands return of $3 million donation - NCAA Football - SI.com .  Upon reading this story I could not help but think once Coach Pasqualoni gets his players in place UConn better not let return any calls for tickets from Mr. Burton as he'll certainly be begging to be part of the success again.   Coach Pasqualoni was a successful coach in college, a highly regarded assistant in the NFL and is poised to bring UConn to the next level.  Heck anyone who can list Joe Paterno, Bill Parcells, DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten as references is good in my book and I am fully confident that UConn will be back in a BCS game and maybe win it this time.   Good luck Coach Pasqualoni!!!

50 Must-Follow Football Twitter Feeds

I had to share  50 Must-Follow Football Twitter Feeds as if you are like me you can't wait for the next update on football.   This is a great piece for those of us who are on the go but don't want to miss out on the latest football news (not even for a second).  I get football news when I'm on the road the second it happens and you can't beat that.  

Granted a few of my favorites aren't on the list like @wesbunting, @adamschefter, @mortreport, @mortreport, @walterfootball, @fftoolbox, @sportingnews, @nfldraftbible and many others but it's a great starting point if you are considering opening a twitter account for football news.  You can follow me at @ftballdialogue.   

What's your favorite twitter account to follow? Send me it here as I'm always looking to add a good account.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mock Draft 4.0

Round 1
1.    Carolina (2-14): Nick Fairley  DT  Auburn..perfect anchor for the new regime to build a top defense around.  Fairley has a nasty streak that the Coach Rivera will love.

2.    Denver (4-12): Da’Quan Bowers  DE  Clemson..As the defense gets a new facelift Coach Fox gets to add his Julius Peppers to the new look Broncos.  Some say Peterson here but this scheme is based so much on bringing pressure to the QB.

3.    Buffalo (4-12):  Marcell Dareus  DL Alabama…..Great addition as Dareus is disruptive to an offense regardless where you line him up.  Significant upgrade for the hard playing Buffalo Bills.

4.    Cincinnati (4-12): A.J. Green  WR  Georgia…Need some new targets that perform more than they talk and A.J. is the top wideout in this class and instant starter.

5.    Arizona (5-11):  Blaine Gabbert  QB   Missouri…..Need help in the worse way so they grab the best prospect in this class and hope the learning curve is short.

6.    Cleveland (5-11):   Robert Quinn  DE   North Carolina…Could also use a WR but upgrading the talent across the board on the defensive side is more pressing.

7.    San Francisco (6-10):  Patrick Peterson  CB  LSU….Unlikely to last this long but a special talent like Peterson immediately helps the 49’ers on defense and gives them a great special teams player too.

8.    Tennessee (6-10):  Prince Amukamara  CB  Nebraska…Could go Cam Newton but the Titans are too smart to reach for a player this high.  Prince gives them a chance to have a true shut down corner as the defense takes on a new look with the departure of Chuck Cecil.

9.    Dallas (6-10):  Adrian Clayborn   DE  Iowa…..When your defense gives up the most points in franchise history you need a facelift and the fact they’ve got next to nothing from their ends they must add an experience leader for their line.

10.  Washington (6-10): Julio Jones  WR  Alabama….Everyone has this the new home of Cam Newton because he’s a lot more McNabb than Russell.  Hello is that what they want another McNabb.  I say grab a wide receiver of Jones elite status, sign a vet QB and draft a prospect in later rounds say Pat Devlin or Andy Dalton.

Check out the Rest of Round 1 and Round 2

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Korey Lindsey-Woods, CB, Southern Illinois | Draft Bible Q & A

"After interviewing so many players over the past six years, you start to develop almost a sixth sense about those players that possess that quite confidence it takes to be a true leader on a team. Well, let’s just say it didn’t take long to get that feeling during my recent conversation with Korey as he prepared for the East West Shrine Bowl."

Here is the link

Q&A: Matt Murphy, OT, UNLV | Draft Bible Q & A

Q&;A: Matt Murphy, OT, UNLV | Draft Bible Q & A: "Recently, I had a conversation with one of the most underrated players available in the 2011 NFL Draft, UNLV standout tackle, Matt Murphy. Talking to Matt was certainly enjoyable and made me think of the great Teddy Roosevelt “speak softly and carry a big stick” as Matt battles some of the biggest guys on the field but has always showed himself off the field as a gentlemen and scholar."

Gunter Brewer is joining the Ole Miss staff

Not surprised to read..TomDienhart: Oklahoma State's Gunter Brewer is joining the Ole Miss staff as its passing game coordinator and wr coach..he's a good coach.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Q&A: Rick Elmore, DE, Arizona | Draft Bible Q & A

Q&A: Rick Elmore, DE, Arizona | Draft Bible Q& A: "I’ve spoken to a lot of players over the past few seasons but not many have come close to being as polite and refreshing at Arizona’s defensive end, Rick Elmore. It is really hard to believe this is the same guy who struck fear into QBs the past few seasons at Arizona (21.5 sacks in the past two years)."

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Q&A: David Sims, SS, Iowa State

Recently, I had the pleasure to speak with Iowa State strong safety, David Sims.  David spoke about life in the Big 12, adjusting from junior college to division one ball and getting ready to play in the East-West Shrine Bowl on January 22nd.  He also explained what happened that caused him to be suspended for the first game of the season.  Check it out

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Isn't this a sign of the Apocalypse?

When I saw this news Rob Ryan would bring an energy to D - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas I was excited but couldn't quite believe it. What will Buddy think? Remember he was so jealous of Cowboys Nation. Oh well let's hope it happens.

Heisman winner Cam Newton declares for NFL draft - ESPN

Here's news that should surprise no one Heisman winner Cam Newton declares for NFL draft - ESPN . Interesting to see where he lands as he still has some work to be done but something tells me Buffalo will be looking hard at him if he's still there mid way through round 1.

NY Football Blog Show Appearence

Take a listen when you get a chance as I was a guest with the guys on NY Football Blogs talking some wild card games and what to expect this weekend.  Here is a link to the show.  

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Your next WR Coach (should be this man)

With musical chairs currently going on in the NFL regarding filling out coaching staffs, I couldn't help but think a team could do a lot worse than to hire, Gunter Brewer, to take over the role as WR coach. His pupils include Randy Moss, Dez Bryant and Justin Blackmon, not a bad crop of players. So Coach Harbaugh, Coach Garrett or Coach Rivera give Stillwater a call and ask for Gunter you won't be sorry.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rivera hired as Carolina Panthers' coach - ESPN

Another good move by an NFL team this off-season Ron Rivera hired as Carolina Panthers' coach - ESPN. Ironic that the big fish aren't really getting looks while the teams bunker down for what might be a long off-season. Something tells me that next off-season (assuming there is a season) you'll see a different story as coaches on the hot-seat this season say in Houston, Miami, San Diego and maybe Philadelphia (how many first round losses can fans endure). Just imagine Jon Gruden's return to the Philly sidelines. Quite a story.

Michigan picks San Diego State coach Brady Hoke as its new football coach - ESPN

This was a very good move by Brandon (Michigan picks San Diego State coach Brady Hoke as its new football coach - ESPN) and those who are upset will look foolish very soon. He's substance not flash and he is a "MICHIGAN MAN" who will return things back to normal and have Michigan competing for a Big 10 title very soon.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Senior Bowl Rosters

I don't know about you but this is more the bowl game that I'm interested. I mean besides the title game which is right after Easter the other games are worth watching but is anyone really bragging they won the Sun Bowl? the Gator Bowl?

Seriously college all star games are more important than two 7-5 teams facing each other.

Combine Snubs and Superlatives

If you want to know the small school sleepers nobody better in the business than Josh. Check out Combine Snubs and Superlatives for a full breakdown of the who, what and where in the small school world.

Seahawks Divsion Champs

I'm sorry, but I could take any more negative opinions on the Seattle Seahawks winning their division with a 7-9 record and receiving a home field game. Was it their fault they won the last game for the division? The blame should be on the other teams not winning more games. Remember, the NFL created this division, probably with the hopes of helping San Fran by placing 3 inferior teams, but it didn't turn out that way. Seattle won the division, doesn't matter with 7 or 14 wins. It is a rebuilding year, they were fortunate to win 7 games. Sports are not fair, a wild card team usually has a better record than a division winner, Yankees have more money than other teams, and the BCS is a complete joke. If you are a good team, you should beat an inferior team, regardless if it is a road game. If you don't win your division, don't cry about having a better record than a division winner, and less wins than the wild card teams. Win more games. I was shocked that 7-9 won a division, I was thinking more like 9-7 at least. San Fran lost some early games they should have won, and Saint Louis lost some nail bitters. This was a freaky year, people should just treat as that. If Seattle should advance past one game, what does that say about the other NFC teams.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Turn at the Coaching Carousel

It's that time of year again and where it lands no one knows but like any football fanatic I am going to take a "make sense to me" guess on what will happen and who might land where.

1. Cleveland:  Eric Mangini is gone but who will take his spot.  Odds are that it will be an offensive minded coach since they need a lot of work on that side of the ball.  My guess is while Jon Gruden seems like the perfect choice he'll want too much control and money and instead Holmgren trusts Andy Reid's endorsement and nabs Marty Mornhinweg as the next Browns HC.

2. Carolina: The Fox show was cancelled and similar to Cleveland they go to the other side of the ball and with a strong running attack they nab a former Hog, Arizona Cardinals, Russ Grimm.

3. Cincinnati: Marvin Lewis wants out and now the Bengals will have a new HC, QB and two new WRs. The normally frugal Bengals go to the offensive side of the ball and add Colts OC, Clyde Christensen.

4. Oakland:  Cable is cancelled and they promote Hue Jackson to the top spot.  Granted Al might wait until the 4th of July to make the move but it will happen.

5. Tennessee: For some reason Bud Adams thinks Vince Young from the Rose Bowl is coming to play which means Jeff Fisher is out of there.  The feeling is most NFL coaches won't touch this job but if Adams wants someone who believes that Vince Young could return he should give Mack Brown a call.  He's about ready to leave Texas and Vince played his best under him.

6. Dallas:  It's Garrett.  If not the league needs to take the Cowboys away from Jerry.

7. Denver: It won't be Eric Studesville just based on lack of top experience but with John Elway in charge now they will look to bring in someone who can get the best out of Tim Tebow.   That man should be Mike Mularkey.

8.  San Francisco:  Samari Mike was shown the door if San Fran wants people to think they are a legit franchise again they need a big name.  Forget Cowher and Gruden as they'd want total control but instead they will go the route of Brian Billick (who once worked for the franchise) and he'll likely bring Marvin Lewis with him (if Lewis doesn't find a job).

9.  Miami: They say it won't be Cowher but with his past connections to new VP, Carl Peterson, GM Jeff Ireland and the fact that the Dolphins are looking for a big splash I'll be very surprised if a guy like Bill Cowher isn't patroling the Dolphins sideline with a much better tan than he had in Pittsburgh.

What about Jon Gruden? Jeff Fisher? They'll sit this one out and wait and watch what happens in places like Dallas and Minnesota where the young coaches will have to win fast to keep the ownership happy.    If not I'm sure a place like Jacksonville, Houston, San Diego, or NY Giants will be a hot seats again in 2011.

McShay's Mock

Can't say I agree with all the picks but wanted to share "Draft Expert McShay's Mock" 2011 NFL draft: Another quarterback has joined Todd McShay's mock top five. - ESPN Really Arizona another rookie QB? Buffalo needs more than a corner how about a franchise QB. Like I said I don't agree but wanted to share.

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