The 6 Most Profitable American Football Bets

American football is the ideal sport to gamble on due to the variety of options, the huge gambling markets, and the high limits. On every single game, you can make hundreds of unique bets that aren’t available for other sports. However, not all of these wagers are made equal, with some being profitable and others being a donation to the sportsbook. To help you out we are going to break down the 6 most profitable wagers you can make now. Check them out below!

Are Point Spreads A Good American Football Strategy?

Points spreads are the most common and popular way to gamble on American football games. Point spreads are a form of handicap gambling and involve a sportsbook deducting points from the team that is favored to win and then offering even odds on both teams (typically the odds offered is -110). For example, if the Pittsburgh Steelers are battling against the Detroit Lions and the Steelers are expected to win. The sportsbook may place a -7 point handicap on the Steelers. This means if you place your money on the Steelers to win they must win the match by 8 points or more. If the Steelers win by exactly 7 then it is a tie and the sportsbook returns your money.

How Do Over/Unders Work?

Over/Under wagers are a unique form of wager where a site will pick an American football statistic and predict its outcome. Your job is then to judge whether or not the site’s prediction is accurate. If you think the sportsbook has overestimated their prediction you bet the under or if you think they have underestimated you can gamble on the over. For example, a gambling site may set the number of rushing yards in
an NFL game at 260. If you bet the over and the number of rushing yards is 26 you win your bet. With an over/under you can gamble on all aspects of American football.

What Is The Money Line In American Football?

The money line is where a sports gambling site will offer odds on an American football team based on their likelihood of winning. For example, a heavy favorite may only pay out -400 while a big underdog could payout +400. The money line is the second most popular form of gambling on NFL games. American football gamblers often prefer to gamble the money line when they want to lay cash on an underdog to cause the upset. Conversely, if you want to put cash on a favorite we recommend making a point spreads wager.

Should You Make Parlays?

A parlay is where you take multiple American football wagers and combine them into a single bet. For your parlay to pay off you must combine at least 2 wagers and all your bets must be successful. If you make a 9 bet parlay and 8 of your predictions lose but 1 does not you end up with zero.

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For example, if you create a parlay where you bet the Jacksonville Jaguars to beat the Atlanta Hawks and the Dallas Cowboys to defeat the San Diego Chargers. Your gamble only pays out if the Jaguars and Cowboys win. The reason parlays are so popular is that you can receive crazy high odds and earn huge money from small stakes. The downside is that they are a very risky bet and your chance of success is often low especially if you combine numerous bets.

How Do Prop Wagers Work?

Prop bets have taken the American football gambling markets by storm and are now some of the most exciting steps you can make. With a prop bet, you can gamble on all aspects of an American football game, if a sportsbook can record a particular statistic during a match you can bet on it. For example, you can predict the number of yards a running back will rush for, the total point score at the end of the match, whether there will be an onside kick if there will be a pick 6, and basically everything you can think of. To give gamblers a good chance of winning many prop wagers are presented in the form of over/unders where the bookmaker predicts a statistic and you have to decide if their number is too high (under) or too low (over). For example, the over/under for a number of interceptions may be set at 3, and if you place your money on the under and there are only two interceptions in the whole game you win!

What Are Winning Margin Wagers?

A wager that is very popular with beginner and seasoned NFL gamblers is a winning margin bet. With this style, you need to guess by how many points a team is going to end up ahead by. For example, you bet on the New York Giants to beat the Philadelphia Eagles by 7 points or more. If the game ends up 20-7 and Giants win your bet payout. Another form of American football gambling that is growing in popularity is a winning margin wager. This is the perfect strategy if you enjoy analyzing statistics and like looking at the average number of points different teams score and concede. A winning margin strategy can offer tremendous odds especially if you pick a team to win by a lot of points. We like to pick heavy favorites to win games by 10 points or more, especially if they are playing at home.

Time To Try An American Football Wager!

Now you understand the most profitable American football bets, wait for the next big NFL game and try them out! If you stick to the wagers we recommended you should be able to make good money!