What Influences The Outcome Of An American Football Game?

If you want to win money gambling on American football you need to perform research and identify when the sportsbooks set the wrong odds. But what exactly should you research? Don’t worry we are going to show you the most important factors that influence the outcome of an American football match. Let’s get started!

The Head To Head Record Is Critical

The best statistic that should always be included in your pre-match analysis is the head-to-head record between the two American football sides who are playing. It is important to only look at the most recent matchups and try to only study games where the sides had similar players. It is irrelevant what happened between the two teams 10 years ago when the players were unrecognizable. We recommend you stick to betting on divisional games as then you will have lots of accurate head-to-head record data.

Keep An Eye Out For Injuries

A common beginner mistake is betting big on a side only to realize that one of their key players is absent. To avoid this situation from happening you must double and triple check a team’s roster to ensure all of their key players are there. You don’t want to place a large bet only to find out that a team is without their starting running back or their number 1 receiver is injured. You can make a live bet to prevent being affected by late roster changes.

Pay Attention To Home Field Advantage

Many American football sides struggle to win games on the road while teams playing in front of their fans are much more likely to have great performances. Road teams often struggle to deal with the noise when they are running their offense which can lead to miscommunication. While the home side is able to feed off the energy of the crowd and play above their potential. We like to bet on underdog sides with home-field advantage as they are more likely to cause an upset due to the power of the crowd.

Always Study The Weather Before Betting

American football games that are played in the heat are different from those played in the rain and snow games also create a unique environment. American football teams that rely on a pass-heavy offense tend to struggle when they are playing in wet or snow conditions. On the other hand, teams with a great running performance and tight defense are incredibly hard to beat when it is raining. Before placing a wager make sure you understand the weather conditions and how they will impact your team’s performance.

Time To Bet On American Football

If you follow our simple and easy tips you will be able to perform thorough research on all American football games. Remember to only place a wager once you have studied performance extensively and found high-value odds. Good luck with your next bet!