The fight for sustainability: The IFAF agreed with Play It Green to cooperate

The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) has partnered with the Play It Green organisation to help it in fighting for ecological sustainability.

Also, as mentioned in, the federation aims to correct or even change the standards in the sporting field.
So-called ecological organization puts such goals to provide a simple and affordable way for everyone, including enterprisers or some social structures, to go forward to a more ‘responsible’ future, that’s why cooperation with the IFAF seems to be a great opportunity to share ideas.
On the contrary, the IFAF released its sustainability vision in 2021, where it is obliged to follow the five principles of climate sustainability, offered by the United Nations. Earlier the International Olympic Committee had decreed all sports federations to rejoin them.
For this reason it’s planned to set a special congress for the 2022 where the federation will state its climate positions for representing the steadiness to balance the social, economic and environmental sphere due to the sport promotion.
In the near future the IFAF is going to support one more UN’s initiative for sustainable development, according to which it will try its hand into making the world better, especially while talking about saving of our Earth’s stability.

Source: inside the games